What is this place?

Why am I here writing? And why should you be here reading? Well

Hello Everyone,

This newsletter is intended to be a place where I will write things and I think that’s as descriptive as I can really be about it. About me, I’m an English literature grad student, software engineer, and type 1 diabetic. I live in Brooklyn but pretty soon will be primarily in the Netherlands. I live with two dogs and two cats. I am learning French and have a 73 day Duolingo streak (brag). But really, this is a place to keep up with the kinds of things that can’t be put on Twitter or on Instagram and that for whatever reason don’t fit into conversations either. Writing straight to your email inbox is a beautiful alternative that hits s little different I think.

If you know me or if you don’t, I hope you subscribe here (it is free, see button below) and I hope you enjoy what is written. I hope you engage with it; I hope you relate to it. It’ll probably be about books, cities, technology, medicine, languages or who knows what. It can be about anything.

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